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When a water or flood damage emergency happens, your home or commercial property could be badly damaged without speedy repair. When a water emergency takes place, REDS offers:

  • Water damage restoration

  • Flood dry out and flood damage cleanup

  • Repair of water-damaged areas of your home or business

  • Restoration of structures, flooring, and walls

  • Preservation of belongings after water damage

  • Prevention of secondary damage

If you are in need of flood damage cleanup or water damage restoration in Reno & Sparks, call the experts at REDS today: 775.372.4741

Whether due to a natural disaster, rainwater, broken pipes, faulty appliances, or a leaking roof, our team at REDS knows what it takes to restore your home or business back to its original state. We work to repair and dry out flooded basements, crawlspaces, roof leaks, and more, bringing our decades of experience with us.

As flood and water damage restoration experts that are local, we respond to your emergency within minutes to minimize any losses. Once we arrive, our team is trained to clean up any water remaining, dry out your space, preserve the integrity of your belongings, and repair any damage that took place. We also work to prevent further damage from occurring, so you can rest easy knowing the water or flood damage is behind you.


REDS Water Damage Restoration & Flood Recovery Process

Flood and water damage is not the same from property to property, but the REDS recovery process follows a similar path for each
home or business. Here’s what you can expect when contacting us about water and flood damage restoration:


The Initial

Contact us anytime, day or night, with your water and flood damage emergency. A trained REDS team member will provide you direction on what to do before we arrive.

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Inspection and
Assessment of Damage

Once we arrive, our team assesses the water or flood damage to your property and quickly works determine the best solution for removal and restoration.

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and Dryout

We get to work right away in removing any excess water so that further damage cannot take place. Once that is complete, special equipment is used to dry out surface and hard to reach areas so that no mold or other issues arise.

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and Restoration

Any item in contact with the water or flood damage is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, removing odors and the potential for problems down the road. After this, the stage is set to restore your property back to its original condition. Some jobs require repair of flooring or replacement of carpet, while others may mean patching or replacing drywall.


With each water and flood recovery service REDS provides, our customers can count on our completeness guarantee. This means no
matter how big or small the job, our team puts the home or business back in place and fully repaired and restored.