Getting Rid of Cigarette Smells in Your Home

Regardless of whether you are a lifetime smoker or not, the smell of cigarette smoke within a home is far from pleasant. Because of the wide range of toxins and chemicals within cigarettes, smoking indoors or close to an entrance allows a noticeable smell to overwhelm a space, long after the cigarette is put out. Without the proper cleaning, the smell of cigarette smoke can linger for years, making it difficult for visitors, potential homebuyers, as well as you and your family to handle.

Here are a few steps you should follow for getting rid of cigarette smells in your home.

1. Open windows and doors – The first step in getting rid of cigarette smells in the home is to open up the space and let fresh air flow in. Open as many windows and doors as possible, and add the help of an air purifier if the smoke smell is fresh or overwhelming. While fresh air does not completely eliminate cigarette odor, it helps prepare the area for the next steps.

2. Remove Signs of Cigarettes – It’s helpful to get fresh air moving through your home, but it does little good if remnants of cigarettes are still present. Be sure to remove butts and ashtrays from both the interior and outdoor spaces, so the smell has no chance to linger after cleaning. This also greatly reduces the need for calling in fire damage restoration experts in the future!

3. Clean the Ceilings and Walls – Next, turn your attention to the ceilings. Cigarette smoke travels upward, so it is essential to make an effort to clean the ceilings thoroughly. Follow that up with a deep clean of the walls throughout the entire home. As a pro tip, using cleaning solutions and products that contain ammonia and glycol will offer the most help in removing the smell.

4. Wash Removable Fabrics – Cigarette smoke lingers in fabrics for an extended length of time, so it is beneficial to wash as many fabrics as you are realistically able. Remove couch cushion covers, drapes, and even blinds so that they may be cleaned properly. Be sure to check if dry cleaning is necessary for certain fabrics to ensure you don’t need to replace items due to incorrect cleaning.

5. Deep Clean Carpets – The carpets are up next. Just like removable fabrics, carpets can hang on to cigarette smells for years. Regular vacuuming won’t cut it, though, so be prepared to utilize a professional shampooing vacuum or hire a cleaning expert.

cleaning carpets

6. Sanitize Counters and Hardwood Floors – In addition to carpet cleaning, be sure to sanitize and thoroughly clean hard surfaces, including countertops and hardwood floors. Ash and smoke smells need to be removed from these areas as well if you want your home to look and smell clean.

7. Paint the Walls – When you have followed the steps above, painting is your last effort in getting rid of the smoke smell. Repainting walls and ceilings can help trap in any remaining odor, but only when a full cleaning of surfaces was completed beforehand.

Cigarette smoke can put a serious damper on your ability to live comfortably in your current home, and it can be a deal breaker for visitors or potential buyers of a property. If you still have the smoke smell lingering after following the steps above, consider getting in touch with the fire damage Reno experts to put an end to the stench for good.

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