Spotting a Leaky Roof Before it’s Too Late

The Tell-Tale Signs of Roof Water Damage

What often starts as a small, non-threatening water stain can quickly turn into a major problem within your home. You may notice water spots when there is a heavy downpour outside or after a major snowstorm, but over time, it dries and seemingly disappears. Even though it doesn’t pose a serious concern in the moment, signs of long-term water damage like spots and stains can lead to an expensive problem down the line. A leaky roof could be the culprit, and that can be the start of mold, mildew, and structural damage that isn’t easy to overcome. Here are a few critical steps to take if you see water spots inside your home.

water damaged ceiling

What to Do at the First Signs of Damage

Noticing water stains on your ceilings or walls is annoying, but you may be inclined to brush it off as just another part of an aging home. Unfortunately, the worst thing you can do when you spot water stains is ignore the problem altogether. Water stains are a clear indicator that something isn’t functioning properly behind the scenes, and without quick intervention, they could lead to a need for water damage restoration from the experts.

Your first step is to identify the water source, which, in many cases, is a leaky roof. An ice dam, missing shingles, or faulty flashing around a vent or chimney can cause leaking over time. If you can’t identify the reason for your water stains, you need to call in an expert.

Calling in the Right People

Water damage Reno professionals come in many forms, from roofing contractors to handymen, but it essential to get in touch with the right folks once you determine your roof is leaking. Damage restoration experts should be your first call once you know water stains are coming from a roofing source. They are able to provide a solution not only to correct the leak but to repair and restore your walls and ceilings after water damage takes place.

Because water damage from a leaky roof can be a complex situation to manage, this shouldn’t be something you take on as a do-it-yourself project!

Cost-saving Efforts

The best step you can take in a situation where water stains are present is to act quickly. You will ultimately save yourself excessive costs by catching water spots early, before they turn into non-stop leaks. Ignoring the issue can lead to pricey consequences, from a collapsed roof to severe electrical damage. You may also face a need for mold removal when excess moisture is allowed to build up over time. Repairs for these major structural problems are often avoidable when you give prompt attention to signs of water damage. If you’re not sure if a leak is present or if there’s more moisture lurking elsewhere, get in touch with our team at REDS today.

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